Live Painting by Nima Veiseh

“The artist captures natural phenomena by articulating them at a unique point of transition.  The Superstatic style is to dissect subjects both in space and time, and reconstruct them using the entire pallet of colors. Instead of restricting the pallet to create movement and contrast, all colors must be used to recreate the concept.  Just as natural light is actually the composite of each color in the rainbow, it is only by their juxtaposition before our eyes that we see the movements and colors in between.  Ultimately, the movement is created not by the static painting itself, but by the interaction of the observer with the painting.  The richness of the textures and colors come from his mixed-medium, bricolage technique the requires spray and acrylic. His background as both scientist and artist informs his perspective.” Follow Nima at: www.EnigmaOfNewyork.Com @EnigmaOfNewyork

Date: March 4, 2014