Mara Bom Schantz Photography Event

Photography has been a part of Mara’s life since she was just a small child, when her father began his career in photography, enrolling in Brooks Institute of Photography. Mara helped him with his assignments, posting as his model. When she was just thirteen, Mara started working in her parents’ photography studio and as her father’s wedding assistant. In this demanding position she learned how to see through the lens of a camera, read the light, load film, when to depress the shutter, which are the most flattering angles and lenses, and to find the emotion in a moment. Fathom Creative is pleased to host Mara’s kick off fatherhood book series party and welcomes the opportunity to showcase her photography talents to the District. is pleased to celebrate Mara’s kick off fatherhood book series party. Be a friend to Mara on Facebook. Follow her Tweets. Read her Blog.

Date: March 19, 2014