Bill Fischer

King of Operations


A well-orchestrated operation is one that is efficient, fair, frictionless and good for all involved. According to Bill, perfection is the bar we set at Fathom and any less is a disappointment and a good reason for redesign.

With a Bachelor’s from Villanova in Computer Engineering and an opinionated visual sense, Bill believes that function and design are equals and that neither should be compromised. It is with these beliefs, tools, and heart, that Bill supports the amazing team at Fathom Creative and Fathom Gallery, managing operations, finances, and simply doing whatever it takes. The only thing he asks in return is that they do their time sheets like robots.


Bill Fischer is a creative engineer at heart, continually striving to solve problems and invent systems that produce gratifying results. Being the youngest of twelve children in a strong Irish Catholic family, his business ethics were born from working smarter, not harder, and he believes in the art of making business deals where everyone wins.

For fun and wine money, Bill manages construction and home renovation projects, bringing all the above to a more three dimensional realm.

Bill currently serves as Vice President for the Logan Circle Community Association (LCCA) and is a principle in Boutlier+Fischer, a local DC Design-Build firm.