Sara Shahabi

Design Sorceress


Sara has more than 10 years of experience as a masterful designer with a range of experiences that span web/interactive, print/editorial and branding/identity. She spent most of her life studying, working and teaching in Iran, Switzerland, and the U.S. Sara received her MFA from the Maryland Institute Collage of Art (MICA). Her work has been published in several books and exhibitions, including the Young Guns Competition awards. She’s also shared her experience with fresh young minds as an adjunct professor at MICA. With Sara on our team we can meet the cultural sensitivities of our high-stakes clients, be prepared for global challenges, and present a fresh cosmopolitan point-of-view in brainstorms and creative work sessions.


Sara is a thoughtful creative who’s not afraid to take chances in both her work and her life. A long way from her native country of Iran, she’s not an accidental tourist. Sara is a creative expatriate on a mission, willing to make her home anywhere her imagination takes her. Her multi-cultural perspective and fearless design approach have made her essential in classrooms, agencies, and her newly adopted community in the District.

She brings a subtle confidence and disarming curiosity to her work. She’s tireless, tenacious, and relentless. Sara’s driven by the desire to connect with people using any media within arm’s reach. She has a deep understanding of how to implement core design principles when creating visual identities and solutions.