Awards Ceremony

Fathom Gallery is thrilled to host BUILD’sawards ceremony to celebrate the hard work and dedication that students have put forth this semester. Every year in the United States, 1.3 millionyoung people drop out of high school. How many is 1.3 million? It is as though the entire city of San Diego dropped out of high school. Every year. Year after year. Unless something drastic changes, within a decade, the number of dropouts will have exceeded the entire population of New York City. Most of these young people drop out because they’re bored. Knowing this, BUILD addresses the crisis with a four-year, hands-on entrepreneurship training  and college preparation program that makes school engaging and relevant—and consequently motivates students to succeed. It’s working. To date, 99 percent of BUILD seniors have graduated from high school and been accepted to college. Learn more about BUILD’s success via their social platforms; Facebook, Twitter, and YouTubeFathom is very proud to support BUILD’s work in education.

Date: February 26, 2014