On December 17, 2014, Fathom Gallery will open its doors for a one-night holiday group art event. The event will feature ten local artists, all of which have been affiliated with Fathom Creative or ArtSee, the event coordinator. The artists, working in several different mediums include, Fabiano Amin, Chad Bartlett, Stephen Benedicto, Nima Veiseh, Jeremy Flick, Charlie Gaynor, Brian Petro, Michael Crossett, Serli Lala, Wil Scott, and Christopher Baer. In addition to affordable art at great prices, Slipstream, the newest coffee shop and cocktail bar addition to 14th St will serve cocktails. The ten-featured artists create works in photography, painting, drawing, and mixed media, in a variety of styles and techniques. New to Fathom Gallery are Michael Crossett, Wil Scott, Jeremy Flick and Christopher Baer, who will join artists that have previously shown in the space, Fabiano Amin, Chad Bartlett, Stephen Benedicto, Nima Veiseh, Brian Petro and Serli Lala. With a variety of different mediums represented, photographers Chad Bartlett, Charlie Gaynor, Wil Scott, Serli Lala and Stephen Benedicto all present the world through their lens in different ways. Fabiano Amin, Christopher Baer, Nima Veiseh and Jeremy Flick all use paint to depict their story, while mixed media artists Brian Petro and Michael Crossett change the world around them in various ways. All ten of the artists will have works for sale of a wide range of price points from $3,500 down to $300. Your Eventbrite RSVP is required to attend.  Please feel free to share this invitation.

Date: December 17, 2014